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Prices are based on the amount of work hours. I charge 5€ per 30 minutes, making the hourly price 10€. I will do my best to deliver a quality painting with as few work hours as possible. Advanced background settings and complicated characters will naturally take more time to draw. The list below gives you an idea of what it may cost but nothing is set in stone :)

Sketch 10€ - 20€
Grey scale sketch, no restrictions.
(Sketches are limited to 2 work hours)

Bust 20€ - 40€
Coloured portrait featuring the upper figure of your character. Detailed background or solid-colour is your choice.

Fullbody 40€ - 60€
Coloured painting of your character/characters. Detailed background or solid-colour is your choice.

Cinematic 50€ - 150€
Got an idea with lots of things going on? Perhaps a wallpaper, comic page, group picture, website background or character sheet? Pick this and we'll discuss more ^^


  1. Contact me or comment here to grab an open commission slot.
  2. Specify what you want me to draw. Information and image references help a lot!
  3. I draw a rough sketch for free and send it to you for inspection. You may make adjustments.
  4. Once the rough sketch has been accepted I start drawing your commission.
  5. When the commission is completed I'll send you an invoice via Paypal + preview of the finished image.
  6. The finished commission will be delivered to your e-mail.


  • Skype - Ask me and I'll reply
  • Discord - Ask me and I'll reply
  • E-mail - ecforart[@]
  • DeviantArt - Send Ecfor a Note
  • Tumblr - Send Ecfor a message
  • Klei Forums - Send Miss a Private Message
  • Steam - Add Ecfor and send me a chat message


STUFF I LIKE TO DRAW: Humans, Dragons, Reptiles, Canines, Felines, Equines, Anthro, NSFW & gore, Mythical creatures, Monsters, Landscapes

STUFF I WON'T DRAW: Anime/manga style, MLP, Chibis, Vehicles, Advanced architecture and the obviously suspicious stuff such as Underage Sex, Racism, Nazism and Religious mumbo jumbo.


I want to commission something you didn't list D:
Just ask me, I don't bite!

I dont use €uro!
Paypal will automatically convert your currency to €uro when you accept the invoice. Don't worry about paying too little or too much.

Any extra fees or taxes?
Nope! I pay those.

Wait what you don't offer line-art commissions, shadows and all that?
I offer a complete painting with every element (sketches being an exception). I have an unique style that looks best if drawn properly.

May I pay with DA points or do an art trade?
I'm currently in no need of artwork or points.

I don't like your prices.
Artists charge 40-60 €uro PER HOUR in my area. I can't go that high obviously but neither too low, everything in this island region is expensive when it comes to rent, food, electricity, internet etc. 10€/h is minimum for the work I'm capable of.

So if you draw for e.g 1h and 45min will you charge 20€?
Nope, that's not 2 hours ^^ I charge 5€ every 30 mins so I'd have to "draw past" two hours to make it fair.

What's the due date on my invoice?
Approximately two days. 48 hours is a minimum but it's usually more because of time zones.

Can you draw my OC or fan-art?
Sure thing!

Can you keep my commission secret?
I upload my artworks to either DeviantArt or Tumblr but I won't mention your username. Neither will you be displayed on the list on top of this journal entry. Your commission will be treated like a random submission in low-resolution.
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Hey all! The group Blood Eagles will remain "Super Group" for another year :D The subscription was renewed for 60 USD (converted from €uro) so I've decided to open a few commission slots, prices are the same as before. If you're interested click HERE! Go ahead and ask stuff if you're curious. Ooooh and by the way, I posted this screenshot on Tumblr some days ago but I thought it may be of interest to you as well 8)

Dem handy links:



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art


Hey all. I'm stuck on a piece of island in southern Finland, we speak Swedish in this area in case you wonder. Art is my hobby along with forest hiking and gaming. I've produced art as long as I can remember but I never went to art school, I chose the path of programming and computer science - it was boring to say the least. When I draw I prefer to use GIMP, SAI and perhaps some Flash CS3. My tool is a Wacom Intuos 5 from 2012 and some cheap pencils, I rarely draw traditional art these days. Please read my Share and Download rules before using any of my art.


:iconbloodeagles: :iconcastleseries:


  • Skype - Ask me and I'll reply
  • Discord - Ask me and I'll reply
  • E-mail - ecforart[@]
  • DeviantArt - Send Ecfor a Note
  • Tumblr - Send Ecfor a message
  • VK - Send Ecfor a private message
  • Klei Forums - Send Miss a Private Message
  • Steam - Add Ecfor and send me a chat message


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wow, the way you draw wilson is just.. incredible! i don't think i've ever seen him depicted in a way that made him look attractive before. granted, i havent seen a ton of don't starve art... but i really like yours!
Ecfor Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Check Tumblr, there are hundreds of different Wilsons there ^^ (And other DS characters)
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